Hyundai Veloster Maintenance Schedule

Hyundai Veloster service near Jackson MS

Engine oil and filter changeEvery 5,000 miles
Tire rotation and inspectionEvery 5,000 miles
Inspect front and rear brakesEvery 5,000 miles
Inspect air cleaner filterEvery 5,000 miles
Replace climate control air cleanerEvery 15,000 miles
Inspect steering gear box and suspensionEvery 15,000 miles

The versatile and exciting Hyundai Veloster never disappoints. With its compact size and unique design, this Hyundai model has been relied on for years by Jackson MS area drivers. With that being said, Veloster owners must take good care of their vehicle through routine maintenance. Without proper care, drivers will not be able to utilize the Veloster to its fullest, which is truly unfortunate. The skilled technicians at Wilson Hyundai are sure to treat your Veloster with care, so check out the recommended service above and schedule a service appointment today!

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