How To Set Up Apple CarPlay in Your Hyundai

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Have you just recently purchased a new Hyundai Sonata, Elantra, Tucson, or another Hyundai model equipped with Apple CarPlay? Our Wilson Hyundai dealership serving the Brandon area is here to help explain how you can utilize this convenient technology to access a variety of functions from your compatible iPhone!

How Can I Set Up Apple CarPlay In My New Hyundai?

First things first, before you attempt to engage Apple CarPlay, make sure that your iPhone (5 or newer) is updated with Apple’s most recent version of software. Once you’re completely up to date, you will want to connect your compatible iPhone to the Display Audio by using a genuine Apple USB to lightning cable. One thing to note when getting started is if for some reason you receive an error message saying “device not found” or “this accessory may not be supported,” it is more than likely due to an off-brand or damaged cable.

Get Connected to Apple CarPlay:

  • Step One: To make sure your iPhone is ready to be connected, go to the All Menus page on your infotainment system and scroll down until you find the Apple CarPlay logo. By default, your Hyundai should have Apple CarPlay enabled but to verify, go to Set Up and click on Connectivity and ensure that the Enable Apple CarPlay box is checked.
  • Step Two: Plug the end of your USB to lighting cable into the USB Smartphone/Audio Interface (identified by the smartphone icon).
  • Step Three: After connecting, go to the Display Audio home screen.
  • Step Four: The first time you use Apple CarPlay, a consent screen will appear asking you to agree to terms and conditions. Once you confirm, it will ask if you would like to Enable CarPlay Once, Always Enable, or Cancel. Simply select your preferred option and confirm.
  • Step Five: Once you’ve done this, an Apple CarPlay icon will appear on your display screen; touch the icon to bring up the menu of apps from your iPhone.
  • Step Six: To return to the display screen, touch the Hyundai icon.

How Do I Use Apps Through Apple CarPlay?

The simplest way to take advantage of your variety of Apple CarPlay apps is through Siri®, Apple’s voice recognition feature. Through voice command, Siri can perform multiple tasks such as reading and responding to text messages, placing and receiving phone calls, playing music, providing a weather forecast, or even letting you know what movies are playing nearby. To use Siri:

  • Press and hold the TALK button on your steering wheel until Siri responds.
  • Ask Siri to perform tasks using verbal commands.

Learn More From Our Brandon Area Hyundai Dealer

If you’re ready to put these convenient functions and features to use or you’re looking to get behind the wheel of a model equipped with this highly-coveted infotainment operating system, feel free to contact us and our team of professionals here at Wilson Hyundai serving the Madison and Flowood areas will gladly put you in the driver’s seat of what could be your next daily driver!

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