How to Travel Safely and Efficiently this Holiday Season

November 12th, 2017 by

Traveling for the Holidays can be a bit of a hassle: traffic is a disaster, flights are overbooked, and everyone is a bit on edge. So, how can you make traveling this Holiday season a bit safer and easier? We at Wilson Hyundai have a few tips to keep your commute safe…and not as mind-numbing. Though we can’t just snap our fingers and make you appear at your destinations, the steps below are sure to reduce your stress…at least a little bit.

The Preparation Stage

  • It’s a bit late for this now, but try to book early! There will be more options and the prices will be lower earlier in the year.
  • Download some movies and TV shows to your devices before you leave. This will help keep you entertained if you’re flying, if you’re not in the driver’s seat, or if Great Aunt Betty falls asleep mid-conversation. Remember: you won’t be able to get Wi-Fi; thus–unless you want to use up a ton of data–I wouldn’t count on streaming.

What to Do the Day of Traveling

  • Leave the house early. You don’t want to fret about missing a flight or arriving late. This will only put you in a bad mood before you even arrive.
  • Travel as light as possible. You don’t need the second blow-dryer. Put back the five Christmas-themed ties (one or two should suffice).
  • Pack Food! You’re going to get hungry…and eating will occupy some time.
  • REMEMBER: You’re not the only one stressed on this day. Try to be patient. Others are in your shoes too.

Traveling long distances for the Holidays can be rather stressful; however, if you follow the few easy steps above, you’ll see how quickly you can calm you nerves. With these tips, you’ll be waking Aunt Betty up before you know it!

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