Hyundai Muffler Service Near Jackson

Car mufflers are often overlooked, as they are a very important part of your car and your safety. Your Hyundai service center serving Jackson MS is here to help you with all of your muffler needs, as well as provide you with tips on how to check to see if your muffler is damaged. Swing by Wilson Hyundai and let us help!

Signs You May Need a New Muffler

Car mufflers play an important role in every car, so it is crucial to make sure it is in good shape. Below are signs your muffler needs to be replaced:

  • Engine misfires: If the muffler has a hole and loses its efficiency, the engine may misfire. Usually this would happen under deceleration, so be sure to pay close attention.
  • Loud noises: When working properly, mufflers should make little to no sound. When there is a problem, your muffler will roar like a lion due to the leaking pre-muffled exhaust.
  • Condensation from exhaust pipe: When the muffler and exhaust system cool down, the condensation sits there are often rusts out the pipe. When the condensation is excessive, the muffler is probably worn out.

Why Visit Your Hyundai Service Center?

With an online tire store and frequent service specials, your Hyundai service center is always trying to make you feel at home. We want everybody to save money and enjoy themselves when they stop by, which is why we also offer free coffee and a kids play center. Our customers come first, which is why we strive for nothing but great service.

Just a 15-minute drive from Jackson, MS we can help you get quality service all day long!

Service Review

“I had an exceptional experience at Wilson Hyundai with the help and professionalism of the salesman. I recently purchased a car for my elderly parents near Jackson MS. It was a very smooth purchase considering I was doing it all by phone from South Florida. Based on my recent experience if I lived in the Jackson MS area Wilson Hyundai would be my preferred dealership to do all my deals with” – user

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