Hyundai Sonata Steering Wheel Functions

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Gone are the days when the steering wheel was just for controlling which direction the car goes.

Cars today have a whole variety of modern tech features, ranging from computerized cruise control to Bluetooth phone connectivity to countless sensors that tell drivers information about their vehicle’s performance. Car steering wheels put the controls of those functions right at your fingertips.

So to make sense of all of those buttons on your Hyundai Sonata steering wheel, let Wilson Hyundai explain some of them for you with this blog. There’s also a full walk-through in the video above.

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On the left side of the steering wheel, you’ll find many of your music and Bluetooth buttons. “Mode” allows you to toggle between different audio sources, like your phone, AM radio, FM radio, or satellite radio. Below, a pair of up and down arrows allow you to scroll through songs and station presets. Just beside those are the “Volume Up” and “Volume Down” keys, with a mute button in between.

Also on the left are buttons for your phone: The button to activate voice commands to your linked smartphone, and the answer/hang up buttons for phone calls.

The right-hand side has more vehicle functions. Depress the “Cruise” button to set cruise control speed, which can be adjusted up or down with the embedded lever below.

Also on that side is the menu and information button, which allows you to view and adjust numerous settings on the screen behind the steering wheel (between the speedometer and tachometer). With that, you can browse settings on your Hyundai Sonata, and select or adjust different things with the navigation buttons below.

You can activate things like Smart Trunk, which opens the trunk after three seconds when you stand behind the vehicle with the key fob, or turn off or adjust any of the Sonata’s numerous driver assist features to your tastes. You can also use it to navigate to important information like tire pressure and current trip mileage.

To get your hands on one of these intuitive, smart steering wheels, you’ll need a new Hyundai Sonata. And for one of those, you’ll want to come visit us at Wilson Hyundai, the best place to buy a car in Jackson. Give us a call at (601) 914-4200 or contact us online to set up a test drive today, and always remember: Where there’s a Wilson, there’s a way!

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