Hyundai Wiper Blade Service Near Jackson

Wiper blades are often overlooked and under-appreciated. With that being said, they are extremely vital to the safety of drivers and those on the road. If your car’s wiper blades are beginning to get worn down, it is important to stop by your Hyundai service department serving Jackson MS so our trained technicians can help you select the right wiper blades and install them in a timely manner.

Signs Your Car Needs New Wiper Blades

Check out some signs listed below that signify it is time to replace your vehicle’s wiper blades:

  • Weird noises: When working correctly, your wiper blades should be going across the windshield smoothly, with little to no noise being made. When worn out or damaged, noises like squeaks, screeches, or scrapes may be made.
  • Ragged blades: Visually inspecting the blades can also lead to the realization that they are in bad shape. Ragged or distorted rubber edges signify that it is time to replace the blades immediately, before they inflict any damage.
  • Streaking: Healthy blades stretch evenly across the windshield, creating a smooth and effective clean. When worn out, the blades aren’t even, causing the debris to streak across the windshield.

Why Visit Your Hyundai Service Center?

Wilson Hyundai treats each customer like they are family. With free coffee and a kids play center, we welcome people of all ages to feel at home! We also offer frequently shoppers service specials which help drivers save a bunch of money on quality services. This is important, and so is giving shoppers plenty of options. Our Online Tire Store gives those busy shoppers a chance to purchase what they need wherever they are.

Being just a 15-minute drive from Jackson MS gives everybody an opportunity to stop by at any time! We look forward to seeing everyone.

Service Review

“Very professional and courteous staff that went above and beyond to understand our needs and wants! The sales associate helped us get in the exact car we wanted! All of the staff was very knowledgeable and helpful! I highly recommend this dealership!” – user

Keep your wiper blades healthy and working properly with our help. Contact Wilson Hyundai by calling us at (888) 231-4799 and schedule a service appointment.