Non Commissioned Sale Staff

Where There’s A Wilson, There’s A Way

One of the biggest deterrents that most car shoppers face, is the actual trustworthiness of the dealerships sales staff. A lot of vehicle sales employees are on a commission, which means the more that they sell, the more they get paid; which can lead to false advertising and information regarding the vehicles they are trying to sell.

However, at Wilson Hyundai near Jackson MS, we do thing differently. We have a salaried staff, which means that we genuinely care about our customers wants and needs. Employees who are on salary plans do not need to upsell you on a car and mark things up to get you to pay the highest price possible. We have NO incentive on doing that, because we pay our employees the same amount regardless of what car you buy. We want to help you find the right car at the right price and would never push you into making a purchase you do not feel comfortable in. Not only that, we would only present you with the correct specifications and information about any model you are interested in. To get started on this journey and work with our great team members check out some of our new Hyundai inventory available to Jackson MS area shoppers!

As Your Jackson MS Area Hyundai Dealer, Earning Your Trust Is Our Top Priority


From the moment you walk into our Jackson MS area Hyundai dealership, we promise to handle things with promptness and respect. If you need to talk with our Finance Department about anything regarding payment plans or the pros/cons of buying vs. leasing, or even just to get pre-approved for a loan, we will lead you in the right direction. If you would like to explore our new or pre-owned Hyundai models or have any questions about maintenance service or parts, our highly knowledgeable sales and service teams will be happy to answer any question to the best of their abilities. Our commitment is to serve our customers as close to perfection as we can, and we promise to uphold to these expectations all through the buying process and thereafter.

Overall, we want our customers to be happy and satisfied when they leave our dealership, whether it is with a new vehicle or not. For more information, feel free to contact us or give us a call at (888) 711-0160 anytime!