Spring Car Care Tips

April 1st, 2019 by

Springtime is here, and the means it’s time to make sure your car is ready for fun road trips and the Mississippi heat and humidity that are soon to come. Here’s a few tips from Wilson Hyundai.


Make Sure Everything Works and Sounds Like it Should

Though Brandon area drivers don’t usually have to deal with all the snow and ice our friends up north face, we do have to deal with the cold–and so do our cars. Low temperatures can be rough on vehicles, and it isn’t uncommon for cars to develop a rough idle or a squeaky belt after a long, chilly winter. Make sure your car isn’t driving unusually or making any disconcerting noises, and if it is, have it checked out by a professional sooner rather than later. The experienced staff at our Hyundai service center is, of course, glad to help.

Adjust Your Tire Pressure

When temperatures drop, so does tire pressure. When the weather gets warm again, well, guess what happens? Since the sun will soon be beating down hard, it’s time to make sure your tire pressure matches the recommended range in your owner’s manual. If your tires end up a bit over-inflated due to the heat, they could wear out unevenly or be more susceptible to flats, so let a little air out if needed. And if your tires are worn out, be sure to check out our selection of great new Hyundai tires at Wilson Hyundai.

Give it a Bath!

As you trudge through the stressful holiday season and the chilly, boring months of January and February, usually you don’t think to wash and clean out the car. But it’s springtime, and the grit and grime that have built up over the winter can start to corrode your car’s pretty paint, which you don’t want. And while you’re at it, give the interior a good detailing–you and your vehicle alike both deserve it!

Check the Wipers and Glass

Cold weather makes things brittle, meaning your window and windshield glass might have been more likely to chip or crack over the winter. Go over all the glass on your cay to make sure that isn’t the case. The same principle applies to rubber: When it freezes up and thaws, it can split and splinter, so those thin rubber blades on your windshield wipers might be in worse shape than they were last fall. You’ll want those replaced if there’s any damage.

Schedule Car Service Near Brandon

If your car encountered any new problems over the winter, or if you simply need an oil change or a set of new tires, schedule an appointment with Wilson Hyundai. Our conveniently-located service center is ready to handle anything your car may need, and we frequently offer great service specials to help you get the best price on necessary service and maintenance.


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