What is Good Mileage on a Used Car?

April 30th, 2019 by

Mileage is an important consideration when shopping for a used car, but there are other factors just as, if not more, important. It was commonly believed that if a vehicle had been driven over 100,000 miles you were taking a big risk buying it. However, now it’s clear that the condition, maintenance and repair history, location, and usage play a larger role in determining whether a used vehicle is a good buy or not.

Shopping for a used vehicle? – You should take the following factors into consideration in addition to mileage:

  • Usage – A vehicle driven 75,000 miles in stop and go traffic suffers more wear and tear than a vehicle that has racked up 75,000 miles of highway driving. It’s important to find out about the previous owner’s driving history before you buy.
  • Location – Vehicles that have been driven in a dry, warm climate undergo less strain than a car that has been driven in a cold, wet climate.
  • Condition – In addition to inspecting the vehicle and test driving it yourself, you should have a certified mechanic give it the once-over to determine if there are any upcoming repair issues like rust or engine problems. If there are, you need to figure this amount into your budget.
  • Maintenance History – check the vehicle history report to confirm that the car has been kept up to date on oil changes and routine maintenance. A car that hasn’t been well maintained could give you problems down the road.

Mileage vs. Age

A newer car with high mileage isn’t always a better value than an older car with lower mileage. In fact, low mileage vehicles often come with a higher price tag. You need to step back and take other factors into account.

  • Has the car been driven regularly? – A vehicle that hasn’t been driven on a regular basis regularly can have higher repair costs. Not driving a car can cause drivetrain issues or cracking in rubber seals.
  • Has the car been well-maintained? – A car with a well-documented maintenance history is a better choice than one that hasn’t been taken care of.

A certified pre-owned model may be a better choice for Jackson area drivers who’d like the best of both worlds. Hyundai certified pre-owned vehicles are like-new, with low-mileage, and come with a number of exclusive benefits such as warranty coverage.

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